This is a new way of dressing.

I’ve created a collection of timeless romantic pieces, not made for a season, but for a lifetime.

I offer interchangeable pieces so you become your own stylist.

There’s no need to ever throw anything away; each piece is  completely adaptable, so your look can be forever changing. 

It’s slow, sustainable and responsible fashion. 

Everything is hand made in the UK with a fine attention to detail, using a combination of fabrics. I specialise in stunning vintage materials and trims, all from my personal collection. 

 I N V E S T – buy quality clothing that lasts

L O V E – look after your pieces, and they will return the favour

R O T A T E – swap in different accessories/features

R E S T Y L E – showcase your look in new variations with each wear

Thank you for your support

Love and hugs

Hannah Beth Fincham


A bit about me…

I studied Multimedia Textiles at Loughborough University before moving to London where I worked on a range of bespoke jackets. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with brands such as Michael Kors, L’Oreal and Chiara Ferragni. My designs have been worn by Rita Ora, Ellie Golding, Cara Delevingne, Lilly Allen, Florence Welch, MØ, Georgia May Jagger, Halsey, Fearne Cotton, Demi Lovato and Daisy Lowe, amongst others.

I’ve always wanted to design my own collection of romantic bespoke clothing made up of puffed sleeves, clinched waists and ruffles wherever I could add them.

I’ve been designing and sketching ideas for years, but with such a large market it’s hard to find where you would fit in and whether you are contributing to the problem rather than the solution. One-day this concept came to me and it just felt right.

I drew a full look, head to toe in broderie anglaise, which looked like a dress but was actually made of 6 separate pieces:

*a core top

*a pair of sleeves

*a pair of ruffled straps ( to be later named wings)

*a peplum belt

*a mini skirt (coming soon)

*a maxi skirt (coming soon)

There are so many different looks and styles you could create between these broken up pieces; the variations felt endless.

I found I always wanted something new to wear at an event, and this was fuelled by the fact every event is now documented online. You know the deal; we spend a bit of money on something special, then it sits in your wardrobe because it’s had its moment in the limelight. Or we buy cheaply to have a new look each time, but this is contributing to fast fashion and is having an adverse effect on our suffering planet.

We need to make smarter decisions – respect and love our garments and think of new ways of getting more wear out of them.

I proudly own a large collection of vintage clothing; I found they reflected my style more than what I could find in the shops.

I love owning something no one else does, it’s a feeling you don’t get too often.

A lot of these vintage pieces inspired my shapes and fabric choices. I started to collect an array of beautiful vintage fabrics and was in awe of the craftsmanship and talent that was used to develop theses fabrics from embroidery to cross-stitch to crochet. I wanted to bottle this magic up and share it with people.

This is when I started working in vintage fabrics,from curtains to bedding to table cloths. I saw the beauty and uniqueness in them all and hope that you do too.

It’s all handmade in the UK with talented seamstresses who all share the same vision to make beautiful items that will last for years. Let’s slow down fashion and start making smarter choices and support the independent sector. 

This is just the start, there’s a lot more to come!